Why Choose Us

Amazing Smiles

At Arrowhead Orthodontic Specialists, each patient receives the expertise of our six orthodontic specialists (Dr. Landrigan, Dr. Kirstin, Dr. Luke, Dr. Melanie, and Dr. Brieanna Lise) to ensure you or your child will achieve the most comprehensive treatment options available and an amazing smile. The impact of orthodontic treatment for patients can be life changing. We recognize and value that self-esteem and personal confidence can be enhanced with a healthy and attractive smile. Our four expert orthodontic specialists overseeing you or your child’s care will give you confidence in achieving your dream of a radiant smile.


We recognize that a smile is unique to each patient. Dr. Landrigan, Dr. Kirstin, Dr. Luke, Dr. Melanie, and Dr Brieanna Lise's knowledge and expertise in smile and facial aesthetics allows them to customize an individual treatment plan for each patient, resulting in a highly attractive smile that will keep you smiling for a lifetime.   


Dr. Landrigan, Dr. Kirstin, Dr. Luke, Dr. Melanie, and Dr. Brieanna Lise make it a priority to take the time to listen and understand their patients’ goals. The experience and expertise of our doctors, combined with their understanding of each patient’s desires, allow them to make accurate evaluations and create an attractive and healthy smile for each patient.


We share a commitment to our patients to be at the forefront of research-proven technologies that meet and exceed our patients' goals of achieving a beautiful smile in the most efficient period of time. As such, we utilize cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional orthodontic treatment to our patients.


We understand that you and your family lead busy lives with work, after-school activities, and family events. Our eight convenient office locations make it easy for you to keep enjoying your life’s activities and achieve a winning smile along the way.

Where do the dentists go?

You know you are in good hands when we treat the orthodontic needs of many of the region’s dentists, their families, their dental staff, and their patients.


Our talented team of caring professionals create a positive, welcoming, and upbeat atmosphere.  We have fun contests and prizes for patients and their families throughout treatment.

Easy Payment Options

Our office is here to help make the financial aspect of orthodontic treatment a straightforward and easy process. We will help you with your insurance benefit and create several easy payment options for you or your family.